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    Update problem


      Everything with the daily updates has been working fine all along until Sunday (4/29). On that day , when I clicked on "Check for updates" , it seemed to be working OK , but sat on "Downloading updates" showing 0% for longer than normal. Finally , after an hour , it showed "Update problem" and stopped. Tried again a few hours later on an idle system and after 20 minutes , the same thing happened. Went to a live chat with support (ticket 872061764) and the tech tried it while there and it worked fine. On Monday , the same problem took place. The downloading phase quit with the same error message after 20 minutes or so.


      Any clues as to what the problem is? I ran MVT and the only thing it found was the DAT was not current. Are the servers overloaded due to the 2012 upgrade by chance?


      on 5/1/12 3:31:55 AM EDT