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    Browser protection disappears


      We have a computer that we installed all the modules of SaaS - virus protection, firewall and browser protection.  After a couple days, the browser protection disappears, as though it has never been installed. We uninstall the McAfee suite and reinstall it and the same things happens - browser protection is no longer there. It is not just disabled, it is gone. Any ideas?

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          By default, all the components will get installed automatically.
          Could you please confirm,
          Browser protection is listed in your Add/Remove program?
          What is the status of Browser protection in the McAfee client console? Was it disabled or not listed in the console?



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            Yes, I confirmed after installation that all components were installed and I tested the browser protection to make sure it was working.

            I checked on the portal two consecutive days after the re-installation to be sure all were still installed. They were.

            I checked again Monday and the Browser Protection component is no longer installed. It does not show up in the Console and it is not in Add/Remove Programs listing.

            I checked with the user and asked him if he uninstalled it and he said he has done nothing to it.

            This is the third time it has "disappeared".

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              Hi Beulah08,


              Please let us know your account details, like email address under which the McAfee account is registered and/or the Grant number for the McAfee software.


              This will be helpful for us to research on your Online McAfee Console.



              Pritish P.

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                The main account email is: tprice@council-houston.org and the grant number is: 5054424-NAI


                Let me know if you need anything else.



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                  Hi beulah08,


                  I have researched on your issue and I see that you have many policies configured in your McAfee Online Console.


                  Please let me know if you see this behavior on all the computers attached to all the policies or any particular set of computers that is attached to any particular policy that you have configured. This will be helpful in checking the settings on that particular policy alone and not disturbing other policies.



                  Pritish P.

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                    You are correct. I have lots of policies. That's one of the things I like about McAfee. To answer your question, it is only one computer on the default policy which has more than 100 other computers assigned. No other computer has had this issue.

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                      Hi beaulah,


                      Could you confirm if your issue is resolved? Else we can have our team to follow up with you to get this taken care .