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      McAfee has found a trojan (Artemis!.....etc) in one of its own files (MCIPTSHM.DLL). Now McAfee still works (after putting the file in quarantine), and searching for the file on internet didn't reveal any suspected problems. Anybody else has a similar experience with this file? (Virusscan 15.0.300 datfile 6696). What properties should this file (size, date, etc) have?

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          Hi All,


          Could you please let us know the version of your McAfee Virus scan version & DAT.


          My bad , Just noticed the versions . . .This has been reported to the concerned team & we shall get back to you asap





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            We have reproduced this issue and made the necessary changes in the database to prevent future detections of this file. Please let me know if you are still having any issues.



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              I'm having the same issue. First I got a popup message from Mcafee AntiVirus that my system is at risk then did a FULL scan of my PC and found Artemis!226F985A2463(Trojan) but it cannot be removed. What's happening?


              Please help.



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                Vinod R

                Are you sure its the very same file?-- the detection name is generic(system generated algorithm) do not go by that.... just right click McAfee icon on taskbar and update..


                Once done. restart your computer.. and rescan the PC.. get the exact file name and path along with the detection name in the next post.

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                  I see the file back in the directory again and virusscan works as expected. So this looks solved, thanks