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    Use ePO to query a system for files

      I was posed the question "can ePO be used to scan a system for files?".  I was under the impression that this was not the intended use of the ePO or its products. Is this true? or if it can infact scan for specific files, how is this accomplished?





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          Depends on what your trying to do as there are ways of 'bending' functionailty to achieve certain things.


          For example...If your trying to detect the existense of a single file then you could list that file a 'User Defined Item' under the 'Unwanted Programs' policy (PUPS). This would generate an event and remove/delete/quarantine the file when it is detected.


          Describe exactly what you mean by scan (existence of, contents of, number of) and what files (.doc, .pdf, .dll, .exe) and someone (or i) might know of a solution.

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            So I was doing a little bit of research on this and Policy Auditor can be used for this purpose. Basically, I would need to create a custom PA check that looks for the files existence on the machine in question. Then add that custom check to the PA Benchmark, in which one would then run a PA audit on the machine. Once that completes, you could create a query displaying the results of that audit.