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    Firewall Certificate verification


            I have a problem with my firewall login certificate. The firewall always displays a verification for certificate because it says that my firewall's certificate is already expired. I tried to generate a firewall certificate from my firewall, export it and install it on my computer but still when trying to login to the firewall using Admin console it still verifies the firewall certificate. What is the proper way to generate a new firewall certificate for login purposes?. Thanks in advance.


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          You may have created a new certificate, but have you told the Firewall to use it?


          The evidence provided would suggest that you have not.


          If you go to the Maintenance -> Remote Access Management screen in the GUI you can then select the new certificate you have created from the drop-down list box.


          What I'm not personally sure of is whether the Firewall needs to be re-booted or if the Admin Console service needs to be restarted in order for it to use the new certificate.



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            Philm is absolutely correct. And I can verify that a reboot of the firewall or restart of the service is not necessary.