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    I don't see a prompt window to input the product key for AntiVirus Plus 2012

      Hi there, I'm a n00b to McAfee. After a nasty crash, I took my PC (Windows Vista home Premium) to a shop to clean it out and I'm starting over fresh. The shop gave me McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012 to install onto my PC, but I don't see any place to put the product key. I was told when I "Activate" it, I should see a window prompt for the product ley, but I haven't.


      (the shop already installed McAfee from the disc, but I'm trying to get the total one year protection)


      So to lay out the specifics...


      I click on "Subscription" which then shows "Activate" on the right side of the window.


      I click on "Activate", and I get the window with the spinning wheel that it's activating the product, but...


      Then I get the option to register or log on with an exisiting account. I log on, and I get this message:



      "We're sorry, but we're having trouble activating McAfee products. You can begin using your products now, but you won't recieve automatic updates."


      I don't understand what the problem is and I'm unsure of what to actually do. I have until mid-May to get my full year protection, so time is ticking away :/


      EDIT: Before posting this, I tried registering the product key online with the Web Installation, and I got all the way to Running Program, but when I click Continue, the McAfee window (the tab in the toolbar says "McAfee Installer") is blank and doesn't seem to be loading.