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    Settings changed in McAfee

      On Monday 04/29/2012 before I do my daily manual update to Mcafee Internet security  I noticed some

      of the settings had been changed. IE   stealth mode changed to outgoing, some ports had been

      checked to turn them open/on,  attack protection "all turned off".


      I spoke with tech support and they explained that this could happen due to changes in windows

      via an update?(no updates to windows since 04/12/2012


      Has anyone heard of this?  That does not make any sense, why would updating your

      operating system change just  these settings. 


      Also have done a Hijack this scan of ADS and found 2 files listed:


      C:\programdata\temp : D1B5B4F1

      C:\users\all users\temp : D1B5B4F1


      Can someone refer me to  a site that can delete/remove these


      McAfee Internet Security

      Version 11.0

      Build 11.0.654

      Windows 7



      Appreciate any assistance