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    McAfee Security Center Malfunction

      I am unable to install any type of protection and now have over 200 computers that are not updating properly (DAT sigs are a week old now).

      McAfee unfotunately merged an old Sonicwall account with 350 of my computers on 4/17/12 and now the licensing of the old account (which has expired) is overriding the correct licensing.


      When I try to manually update a client I get the message  "Invalid Entitlement" and it won't update.

      When I try to install antivirus from my security center, it brings up a Sonicwall Installation screen and then won't update the DAT.


      It is now 12 days since the issue has begun and I have no resolution from McAfee support so I am appealing to the forum for any help.

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          Hi Joelunsford,


          I see that you have directly contacted our Technical support department and we have already escalated your case to our back-end team for Suggestion/Resolution.


          The Service request number for the case that is opened with us is, SR# 3-2122270615.


          Please mention this Service request number for any future contacts regarding this issue and we will get back to you via e-mail as a response to this Service request number as we get information from our back-end team.



          Pritish P.