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    After Auto-Update and Restart of Windows the network stack is blocked and i can not open Antivirus Plus 2012


      Yesterday I worked on my windows 7 ultimate as usual. All worked fine. Then my McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012 showed a window that tells me to reboot my windows. After reboot, i cannot open IExplore, Fifrefox, etc. It looks like the network stack or a urgent windows component is blocked. The network is disabled. Other applications like notepad, microsoft office works but i can also not open McAfee Antivirus. So i started windows in save mode and then i uninstalled antivirus and after reboot into normal windows mode i also run the MCPR.exe to completely remove antivirus. Then after the next reboot of windows in normal mode i newly installed McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012. Now, antivurs runs well. But after a new reboot of windows i have the same problem as at the begin. What can I do?