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    mcshield - event id 522, category 256


      Just had a McAfee update which required a restart. Checking the event logs afterwards I found a 522 warning with Category 256 (whatever that is) and the following message (no Microsoft help available for this but lots of reports for similar errors in the McAfee KnowledgeBase).


      Process **\mcshield.exe pid (436) could not be successfully validated with the mfevtp service and would have been blocked from performing a privileged operation with a McAfee driver if enforcement was enabled.


      Does anyone else have this message in their Event Logs? If it's not just me I'll ask someone about it.


      Edit - These may be connected to the above, I've never seen these before .

      - Event ID 4125 and 2444, both for MS DTC (Distributed Transaction Coordinator). Information messages only, not warnings or errors.

      - Event ID 5004 : Error, MclogEvent - "Could not contact Filter Driver - Error 0x57, the parameter is incorrect".


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