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    McAfee incompatible with extenders

      When will McAfee be compatible with Windows 7, Windows Media Center extenders?  I am unable to create an extender for my Xbox to allow the playing of downloaded music and movies.  Though I am paid up through 2014, if this is not ever going to happen, I will use a different product that does allow this functionality.  If someone from the McAfee product team can respond, that would be great!

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          Make sure all items connected with Media Center are given full access in the Firewall -


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

          Click Web and Email Protection to expand

          Click Firewall

          Click Internet Connections for Programs


          Click Program at the top to arrange them alphabetically if necessary


          Check all the pertaining entries and edit if necessary.


          Also check the regular PC network settings allow them.


          if that doesn't help it would probably be quickest for you if you contact Technical Support, it's free via phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


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            I did as you instructed:


            Check all the pertaining entries and edit if necessary. 


            Windows Media Center Full 

            svchost.exe is not available for editing, but show Full

            ehsell.exe is not available for editing, but show Full

            mcx2prov.exe added and Full

            mcrmgr.exe added and Full


            My Wireless router is set up to allow UPnP (turned on) and there is nothing blocked. 


            Funny that you should suggest contacting Technical Support because they said they could not help me, could not even help me with Firewall exceptions, and pointed me to the Microsoft help desk.  The Xbox instructions say the only way to make this work is to remove McAfee because it is not compatible with Extenders.  I would prefer not to remove it, since I have a contract through 2014 but I will if this is what it takes to make this work.  Additionally, most of the posts that I have seen on other sites say that it is virtually impossible to configure Extenders with McAfee.  The McAfee product group needs to get this worked out. 

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              That's strange.  I'll ask internally for help then.   Either another Moderator or one the technicians that monitors our section will hopefully know more than I do as the only other thing I can think of is that maybe something needs opening under Firewall > Ports and System Services perhaps?

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                I tried ports and services too.  The only thing I don't know is for the services that need "random" ports.  I don't know of a wild-card value to use.  if there is one, then for the single applications that need them.   I can add the necessary ports and port ranges for these apps.  If there is a wild card I can add those too.  The only thing that I don't know is the ports called out for "system," since that isn't a specific application (at least it isn't called out as .exe. 


                Hey thanks so much for the help anyway. 

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                  What's starnge to me is that anything new seeking access to the ourtside and vice versa should cause an alert to popup and ask you.   I've posted internally in the hope someone with knowledge of these things reads it.   I have WMC but no extenders and I use a wired LAN.

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                    I found two other threads in the forum: Re: Cannot Setup the Media Center 2005 Extender software. Firewall Message.. Re: Security Center and Media Center on Windows 7 x64. It looks like their question was never answered.  This seems to be a common problem with other users that doesn't seem to be addressed by McAfee.  I have even stopped the firewall, as other users have also stated, and it still doesn't work. 


                    Any help is appreciated and it may make other McAfee users very happy if this finally gets resolved. 




                    on 27/04/12 4:39:41 EDT PM
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                      Well it just means that nobody spotted them, not all threads get answered.  The ultimate help is Technical Support and I find it hard to understand that they blame Microsoft assuming you had these working without McAfee installed, did you?


                      I see in one of those threads help was offered, a question asked of the customer, and no response  was forthcoming.


                      From that one would assume they figured out the answer.




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                        I did not try it without McAfee.  The Tech Support, second level support basically said I would have to contact Microsoft.  Microsoft already recommends removing McAfee as the resolution to the problem because "McAfee is incompatible with Extenders.  It states that on the Xbox site!  It is obviously a known issue that neither company can resolve.

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                          Well then how do you know McAfee is to blame?   Maybe support is right and it isn't a McAfee issue as I do know that the firewall would popup a question asking if you need to give access to something.


                          By the way I fixed the links in your previous post as they were broken.   Both of those threads were answered and the original poster never came back so one can only assume they found their answer.


                          Let's see if anyone has any ideas.


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