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    Registry Status of McAfee product

      I recently installed McAfee Total Protection, and I registered my product under my father's account for I did not have one yet.

      Now I have one, is there a way to unregister my product and register it under my account?


      I know you can deactivate it, would that let me register it under my account?


      I'm wondering because this product came with an Anti-Theft Vault. And I really like it, but I don't want my father snooping into it, and I dont know if with his account he can do that.


      An answer would be greatly appreciated!

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          I think if you use the subscription repair tool It might be possible to move your licence to the new account. I have recently done this moving all licences of my falily from 2 accounts into the 1 subscription

          the FAQ is here

          How to resolve Verify Subscription errors with the Subscription Repair Tool


          But and this a big but I assume you have a new account unused but registered you may need to get into your father's account and deactivate the PC after you moved it as it a tleast the PC name seems to stay in both accounts.  I assume You are using the same PC and that his account will now not be used? Re accessing the anti theft vault I am unsure of access rights support can answer this. Tough

          McAfee Anti-Theft Personal Vaults are associated with the Windows user account they were created within. Specifically, the Vault is connected to the My Documents folder, which exists for each Windows user account.

          Users cannot access Personal Vaults that are created by other users.


          Far easier to let support do all this so call them and mention what you want to do



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