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    Endpoint Encryption (safeboot) recovery using password



      My Windows 7 OS is corrupted, it goes through the McAfee Endpoint Encryption authentication, then gets stuck on "Loading operating system...".   I can boot from a Win7 recovery CD to command line, but it says "The volume does not contain a recognized file system." when trying to access C to recover (understandable since it's encrypted).   What I'm looking for is the ability to authenticate the encryption so the windows recovery can work (or I can reinstall, hopefully saving data).   I'd expect some form of driver I install on my Win CD to get to the drive through my McAfee password.


      Based on other posts on this forum, I realize I should be working with my corporate IT (and I am), but they're not able to figure it out easily other than to send the machine back and they'll do a full unencrypt (a 4-5 day effort with lost productivity).   They're willing to work with me if there is a way to do an OS repair, but they're not sure how to do that.


      I read about a potential recovery solution (also saw something about 'code of the day'?), but not sure where to begin to find that information.


      Any help would be appreciated.