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    Update *dat or virus definition files manually on remote servers


      Hi All

      We have installed Mcafee ENterprise on 28 Servers and turned the autoupdate off as these servers will never connect to Internet. (because of company firewall restrictions)

      Now, I have a problem. How can we update virus definition files across 28 servers. I checked the Mcafee website tried downloading updates in *.exe format and *.zip files.

      For the *.exe file we need to transfer this executable on the server and then run it. I can do it on one or 2 servers, but 28 servers and atleast 4-5 times a month sounds bit cumbersome.

      Tried to unzip *.zip file which has 3-4 files, can we copy these files manually on to 28 servers. If yes which files on our servers we need to replace and where are they located.

      We also got a "nsh" server, which can be used to run certain commands on these 28 servers. Can we use this nsh server to execute the *exe file (once its copied across) with virus definitions.