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    Hi there,<br /> <br /> Is

      Hi there,

      Is install scripts the best way to do manual deployment of Virusscan to new clients (they're all servers)? If so, anyone have a good script?

      I'd ideally like just a simple install folder on the EPo server as share and run a batch file to get client or clients installing Virusscan. The agent is deployed via the EPo console but I dont want automatic deployment to all cliens.

      Any assistance would be great as I;m new to this McAfee product.;)

      I've done deployments via Computer Group tasks (client tasks) in EPo and that will send out McAfee v8.7i installs. Is there a better and easier way of doing this? I dont understand why Protection Pilot v8.0i will deploy easily to any client and install agent plus the actual AV and yet EPo 4 wont if you tell it to deploy the agent. :confused:

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