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    Implementing Smartfilter

      So, I have been working on filtering websites that employees go to.


      I need to:


      1. Find out where they are going to.

      2. Block them if not approved.


      I have installed smartfilter. I am having issues blocking HTTPS. I understand that the firewall would need to decrypt the request so it can apply the filter, but how is this accomplished? When I check the smartfilter on the HTTPS it kills all https sites. If I want to kill plus.google.com will it take care of all of their servers? (don't want to kill google just google plus) The other problem I am having is I don't see any data when I look at the SmartReporter. I have check the settings in smartfilter and made sure logging is enabled. What am I missing.


      Thanks in Advance



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          You are correct in that Smartfilter on HTTPs sites is trickier because we cannot see the URL. If you do not decrypt the HTTPS traffic, all Smartfilter has to use to filter sites is the destination ip address of the web server. Unfortunately web sites change ip addresses all the time and our categorizations may be incorrect.


          If you are at version 8.x, you can decrypt and re-encrypt, but there are certain things you need to be aware of. I recommend that you  take a look at the SSL Rules section of the 8.2.0 Product Guide.


          If you happen to be using non-transparent mode (where the browser is setup to proxy to the firewall), the firewall _does_ have the URL to look at and therefore does not have to rely on ip address.



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            We are using


            I will go look at the 8.2 Product Guide.