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    Virusscan still scans DAS volumes


      Running 8.8 SP1. I have a server connected to a Dell MD3000 DAS.  I've been having a problem recently with one of the volumes on the DAS switching over to a non preferred path. This happened normal when the Full Scan for the server started. It hit me yesterday that maybe I should double check to make sure I had the exclusions set up correctly and found that in ePO I hadn't excluded \Device\HarddiskVolume*\ as I had for the OnAccess scanner. So I included that.  I also added the exclusion locally on the machine.  Then I did a manual Full Scan on the machine but using Windows Resource Monitor I was able to see that mcshield.exe was during the Full Scan accessing the Volumes by  their physical name.  I didn't see mcshield.exe accessing files but the volume itself.  Meaning it was accessing \Device\HardiskVolume2  for instance.  I'm guessing now but maybe this is when the Full Scan checks Boot Sectors?  I have long ago read the following articles as I've set this up in the past for our MD3000i SAN.  I thought maybe setting the exclusion for \Device\HarddiskVolume*\  was wrong and maybe setting it for \Device\HarddiskVolume*  (without the backslash) would solve it but still no.  Is it possible you can't stop Mcafee from scanning bootsectors and that's what I'm seeing?  I've included a screenshot to show what I see during a Full Scan. Not sure if the Full Scan through EPO does this anymore though as last night no error.