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    Task manager has stopped working - Vista

      For the past few weeks i have been trying to troubleshoot a problem with my laptop. Randomly while using my latop it begins to lag, and then i get a message that "Taskmanager has stopped working, and has been closed" then the lag goes away. I have made sure that i can open my task manager so it is not that virus that was floating around that stopped taskmanager and regedit from working.

      However i did stumble across this thread which outlines the same problem i'm having,


      However i am on the following engine / dat's

      SecurityCenter is 9.3
      McAfee VirusScan Enterprise is 8.5.0i
      Scan Engine Version: 5301.4018
      DAT Version: 5611.0000

      Does anyone have any ideas? are there any other updates i can do or anything i can disable so that i quit having this laggyness and this taskmanager error.
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          I see no mention of which Patch Number you've got installed.. If you don't have Patch #7 or #8 installed, please do so now. The patches can be downloaded from the corporate portal/download link using your corporate Grant number.


          Hope this helps.

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            At the risk of sounding completely ignorant (which I am :\), how do I go about checking what patch number I have?

            Also, I am a home user who happened to have VirusScan Enterprise that was included in my Dell computer. How do I go about finding or obtaining a Grant number?

            Thank you!
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              Personally, I have never seen a corporate version of McAfee Enterprise included in a new retail computer sale.. Of course, if you bought a used computer, it's possible the machine was originally used for business purposes.

              That said, to determine your patch number, RIGHT click on the McAfee shield in the lower right corner, choose "About VirusScan Enterprise".. In the lower part of the windows, you'll see a line that states: "Installed Patches".

              If you don't have the correct patch AND since it doesn't appear like you have a corporate Grant number (it costs big bucks and is purchased by corporations for their computer users), then I know of no legal way to install the latest patch.. That is, unless you want to contact Dell about the issue and maybe they can give you the most recent patch IF they have a Grant number.

              Hope this helps.

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                All righty.. That might be why. I'm using Patch #4.

                I'm not certain I am using a Corporate version, but this was a new computer when I bought it. Is there a way to upate the patch as a home user? My license expires in 2010.
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                  "Is there a way to upate the patch as a home user?"

                  Sorry, in your situation, it's not possible...unless you're willing to spend a LOT of money for bunch of corporate licenses, I think five is the minimum? Occasionally, home users have rights to use the corporate version, and receive all patches and updates, BECAUSE their company/university/business gives them such permissions to use business computers at home. For most homeowners, you're out of luck.