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    EPO 4.6 Virus Reporting

      Hi guys,


      Just looking for a little guidance on how to setup virus reporting on EPO 4.6.


      I'm looking for EPO to notify me via email, when a virus has found.  I have had a look around automatic responses and threats, but nothing obvious.


      Cheers for any help.

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          It Should be there.


          First Step is to configure your SMTP server under Menu|Configuration|Server Settings|Email Server


          Then your best step is to configure the email addr that you want to send to under Menu|User Management|Contacts - this will make it easy to use same email addr for numerous alerts without typing the addr each time.


          Final Step is indeed under notifications & you configure ePO to send what you require


          Think out of the box you'll need to modify the Response for 'Malware Detected and not Handled' but have a look what else you may find useful as well


          Hope this helps