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    McAfee Maintained List Content



      I've been testing the McAfee Maintained List Content can you explain exactly what is the benefit of McAfee maintained vs customer maintained list.  Also the current lists are all blank ( no ip addresses )- was this done on purpose?


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          Jon Scholten

          The benfit of McAfee maintained is that you do not have to maintain your own list for common services. One very popular item is CA's which we cannot update in your configuration with upgrades, with McAfee Maintained, we can update it and you dont have to worry about an expired CA in your list anymore.


          They are probably blank because you have not updated them Once updated, you should see the content. You may also need to logout of the GUI or "reload" the GUI.






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            I figured out the fix:


            Reactive the license and you will see all the lists populate. 


            Not sure if it has to do with going from 7.1.6 to 7.2. but nonetheless its fixed.

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              the lists are license independant, what you need to do is in case you are using a list for the 1st time, you either need to save the config to see the list (refresh required) or in case it hasn't been updated before using it, you can wait until the update succeeded and "Reload the data" (drop down arrow on grey save changes button).



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                Even after performing all of the above suggestions, our lists are not populating.

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                  to find out what is happening some more information would be helpful. I just added a list and after you added it you should see that the list is automatically downloaded and displayed after a couple of seconds. The update.log should show some lines like below:


                  [2012-05-03 10:33:52.727 +02:00] Status: Update available. Code 10 for product Citrix IP Ranges (com.scur.type.iprange.17046) for node: 564D7601-A043-FAD9-84C8-96CC80EDDCD3 (MWG7-3)

                  [2012-05-03 10:33:52.727 +02:00] subscribed_lists Version:0

                  [2012-05-03 10:33:52.738 +02:00] Start to download files for following nodes: 564D7601-A043-FAD9-84C8-96CC80EDDCD3

                  [2012-05-03 10:33:52.738 +02:00] Download files for product: Citrix IP Ranges (com.scur.type.iprange.17046)

                  [2012-05-03 10:33:52.738 +02:00] Version:List=1

                  [2012-05-03 10:33:53.011 +02:00] Successfully downloaded and checked file: 10006.xml


                  Maybe you can check update/error logs and let us know if there is anything suspicous? Which version/build are you running?