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    VSE failing to update DAT files if McAfee Agent is installed

      Hello All,


      Not sure if this should have gone on the ePO discussion list or here, but this seemed more logical.


      I have some site administrators reporting that their VSE DAT files aren't updating with the latest DATs unless they remove the McAfee Agent first, do the update, and then re-install the MA.


      They are getting "Unable to find a valid repository" and "File catalog.z is corrupt" error messages although they seem to be performing ASCI intervals correctly.


      I looked at the sequence error count to see if there might be a correlation between high sequence error count and failure to update DATs and there didn't appear to be any correlation. Some systems with high sequence counts were updating fine; some without high sequence errors were not updating.


      I checked their SADR repository and all the software is updating correctly from the master repository.


      Any suggestions?