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    McAfee Security-as-a-Service 5.2.3 Patch 4 Agent Installer Packages?

      Hello McAfee community!  I have been tasked with moving my company off of an integrated SonicWall/McAfee security solution (McAfee Security-as-a-Service) and onto a separate managed AV-only (no firewall, browser protection, etc.) solution.  We have remote offices and road-warriors that I need to push our new AV installer to, however the current version of that installer doesn't automatically remove McAfee SaaS 5.2.3 Patch 4.


      In order to add the ability to automatically remove McAfee on install, I need to obtain the x86 and x64 agent install files for SaaS 5.2.3 Patch 4.  Our support contract with SonicWall ended recently and our McAfee clients have been out of date while we've been trying to migrate users to our new AV, so we don't have access to these files anymore.  Does anybody know where I can obtain them so we can assure auto-uninstall functionality is restored?  Going to each user's desk here in the main office to perform the uninstall isn't a problem, but as we are a worldwide company, this isn't an option for the remote locations/users.


      Thank you in advance!