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    I'm fed up, Uninstalled McAfee!

      I run Win 7 Pro.  I have 286 days left on my McAfee subscription.  I HATE McAfee, it consumes my precious time with it's constant internet disconnections.  Then the last "update" did away with my internet connection all together.... REALLY????  Don't bother asking me questions like "was there an error message" and other unhelpful questions, bottom line, uninstall McAfee and I have my internet connection, so gee..... what was the problem all along?  McAfee.  What a rip off.  Why does an "update" block my internet connection??  I want my money back.

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          Was this using Chrome if so a manual permanent  fix out this week. Chrome when it updates gets a default access of outgoing in Mcafee firewall this effectively kills the net usless you use Firefox or IE. This will be fixed in a patch down the track but a FAQ with steps to fix this is being QA'd now.


          If it was not this  sorry you can call support but this issue or maybe netguard a firewall feature is causing this.


          If you want to stay and work with support of us you are welcome. Refunds after 30 days are rare sorry.

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            I know I sound bitter, like everyone else, I'm a VERY busy woman.  I don't have time to troubleshoot McAfee's problems for them, I have a real job.

            That being said, when I said I didn't have an internect connection after McAfee did the recent update, I meant zero... none... not with any browser, not with any email program.... my wireless network adapter showed on and working properly, but no internet connection to my machine, period.  I tried EVERYTHING I could find on the posts on other sites too... nothing gave this machine wireless internet connection until I uninstalled McAfee.

            Before this, McAfee would disconnect me every night and I'd have to do a "troubleshoot network connection" almost every night... except last night after I uninstalled McAfee. 

            As others suggested, I disabled the firewall, all those suggestions.... I even bought and ran other troubleshooting software, ran Malware scans, Virus scans, Cleanup and Tune up .... nothing wrong with my computer!

            Thanks for your post. 

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              OK sorry you have left best of luck with what you do now.

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                OK. So ... I went through all the trouble of creating a profile just to be able to comment on this thread.


                I am not that extremely sorry to say, but I just did the same exact thing as megaramsey. 161 days left on the license. Update ran, restarted and network was recognized only with limited availability. Even if I am using Chrome, what you described above is no excuse for my YahooMess not working for example. Not to mention other SW that connects to the internet. The network was totally blocked and the worst part is that I couldn't fix it by no means. And trust me, I tried! Not even my SafeMode would start due to that update. The deactivation features while logged on the windows are almost completely redundant as not even the firewall can be shut down from the Security Centre. It shows me that it is OFF and after going back to the main menu and once again back to the FW setup it's ON again. I am a pretty patient man, especially when it comes to debugging my IT issues, but this was just too much to bare with. I'll probably end up having nightmares tonight .. I am that ****** off right now.


                Oh well, thought I should share, as maybe you guys will try and make things better for those who are still struggling with these problems and are not able to help themselves. Imagine having this issue, being let's say 5000 miles away on an other continent with no other immediate solution to connect to the internet and no in depth knowledge of IT. How are they supposed to signal the issue? What about solving it?

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                  Actually this net issue I have not seen myself as all 9 PCs in my family are working with xpv/ista and win 7 Operating systems. I have passed this up to the high level techs for comment as this is not normal.


                  Madshobo did you try the virtual technician on the tech support page ? Firewall issues can also be remnants of other Avs or firewalls not removed correctly.


                  If I hear anything I will update here for other who get this issue.

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                    I'm glad you posted madshobo.  Thanks for your input.

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                      Hey guys,


                      I'm back and a bit more calm than the other day I guess


                      Here's some input if anyone thinks it would help fix the issue:


                      - running on Win 7 Home Premium x 64 on a Dell XPS 15z

                      - wirelessly connected through an Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller

                      - McAffee was pre-setup on my laptop upon purchasing and haven't messed with it up until now - although I've always had that Firewall problem, not being able to shut it down I mean

                      - I'm honestly not sure what the Virtual Technician is, I didn't see that option in the Security Center, but if it's an offline troubleshoot thingy, I doubt it could have helped, as most of the offline TS guides out there, they are set up for basic / simple issues that can be solved on a do-it-yourself click-by-click manner. I went way beyond that and still couldn't fix it. Luckily I figured out that it was McAffee causing the limited network connection problem and not something else. There's no telling what drasstic measures others might start taking when they encounter this problem.


                      If there's any other info that might be helpful let me know and I'll do my best to provide it.



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                        try it see what it says


                        I assume you do not get Blue screen of deaths ie the atheros driver can cause this if not the latest version.

                        If you have a driver version earlier than than, you  must update this driver before you install your McAfee security suite.

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                          I am using IE8 and mcafee has just completed a software update and like the others have said this update has disconnected my internet connection.


                          The only way i have found to get it back is by doing a system restore and then turning mcafee auto updates off.


                          Will there be a software update to corret this?  

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