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    Install NetShild without ePo - fatal mistake

      dear community,

      this is my first thread and sorry, my english isn't very good.

      With this year I get the administation for our servers, then a few weeks ago I do a fatal mistake, our server and protection runs fine

      ePo 3.0.2
      Groupshield for Exchange 6.0.1148.100
      NetShield 2000 4.5a
      Virusscan 4.5.1
      Scan Modul 5.3.00

      But I wonder that Netshield on the Server doesn't update, so I reinstall Netshield on the server, later I got the information that I have to do that from ePo.
      But now, I get 2 errors

      1. the Information about the version/Dat of NetShield in ePo don't update and I can't get communications/update with the agent
      2. since this day the daily scantask in Grouphield put out "Groupshield failed to start the running task" within a internet-explorer-error-message, this task scan the exchange-folder of our users

      NetShield runs after the reinstall fine, but I'm not happy with the 1. error

      After this, I remember the holy-sentence "never change a running system"