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    Problem with mcafee working

      honestly i dont a thing about computers and anti virus. .but  i just got a new dell lappy inspiron 15 R with this mcAfee installed and i also have its original cd. .i gues it has got 15 moths warranty but it  has stopped working . ,wen i try to open it only a blank screen comes. .what should i do man ? Help plzzz

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          Hello Ankita,


          Please check the following and get back to us with the details ;


          Open Internet explorer – Click on Help (at the top bar) – then Click on About Internet explorer

          Let us know ;

          Version :

          Cipher strength :


          What is the operating system installed ?

          To find Click on Start – Right Click on Computer – then click on Properties




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            Hey Jai


            i tried doing that internet explorer thing . .nothing is coming in front of version and cipher strength . .a dailog box opens with written all dis . .! but nothing in front of it . .!!


            operating system installed . .ummmm


            windows 7 home basic


            processor- inter(r) core (tm) i3 2350m cpu @ 2.30ghz


            ram 3.00gb


            64 bit operating system


            thats all i know . .! i dont know what is the problem . .i guessi should contact m dealer ? pretty dumb i am feeling right now