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    Scheduled Scan does not start on time

      I have my McAfee  Scheduled  to do a Virus Scan at 2:15 AM every Sunday morning on my desktop computer.  In my mind this means that the Scan should start every Sunday morning at 2:15AM.   As far as I can tell this often does not happen and the Scan process seems to start whenever it pleases.   This weekend was  an example.


      I was away for most of the weekend and returned late Sunday afternoon.  I used my computer Sunday evening and a scan was not being performed. I know because I checked.   It is now 7am Monday morning and I discover my computer is slow because McAfee is doing a Scan that is 74% complete.     WHY is McAfee doing a Scan on Monday morning when I have it set to do a Scan on Sunday morming?     


      I am using McAfee AntiVirus Plus / McAfee SecurityCenter Version 11.  Build 11.06.654 with Virus Scan Version 15 Build 15.0.294.  My computer is left on 24/7 and I do not have hibernate or sleep mode enabled.


      A couple of feature recommendations for McAfee.  --- 

      1. Give a hard start option for Scan. (Choosing this option would mean Scan would start at the time set and bypass any algorithm that delays the start because the computer is being used. )

      2. Provide a history screen  with a record of when Scans start and finish. ( This feature would allow users to see whether their scans were starting on time, whether they completed successfully, and how long the scanning process took.).



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          Hi Scott,


          Just for Clarification : -

          Is the PC turned On at 2.15 AM on Sundays ? 

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            Yes it is on every day 24/7.   I run stock market program called Trade Station.  That program is almost always running even though activity over the weekend should be minimal.  I have wondered if some how that program running fools McAfee into thinking computer is busy.



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              Hi Scott,

              You have spotted it right;  - McAfee has changed the way scheduled scans start to prevent your computer from launching a scan while you are using it, which could cause performance to be slower than desired.

              When the scheduled time for a scan occurs, McAfee SecurityCenter begins to monitor your computer for activity. If no keyboard or mouse activity occurs for 10 minutes, SecurityCenter then monitors for CPU usage. If CPU usage remains under 10% for 10 seconds, the scheduled scan will begin.



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                I am having the same problem.  The computer is set to run a scheduled scan when it is not being used at all because the scan takes so long and yes, the computer is on with no programs being run etc..  Yet when I come to use it hours later no scan has been done, and while I am working the scan may start.  It is very frustrating.  Why does the scan not start when  scheduled it to do so.  I can deal with a slower computer then because I scheduled it.  As it stands, I have no idea when the scan will start.  Any idea when this problem will be corrected?

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                  I have been told by a user in the know that McAfee's next version will correct this problem and the default setting will be to hard start the scan at the time the user sets it. 


                  In the meantime the user gave me a workaround that accomplishes the same thing with the version I have.   The solution  involved changing McAfee's default settings on computer usage threshold by editing the Windows Registry.  It wasn't hard to do, but  I would only recommend if you are comfortable with using the program RegEdit and editing the registry.  If you are then let me know I will forward to you.


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                    Thanks, Scott A.   This is good to know, that is, that the next version will correct the problem.  I do not feel comfortable using the RegEdit program, thanks for the option.


                    It has been frustrating.  For example, last Friday my scan was scheduled to begin at 7 am.  Did so regularly up to a few months ago.  I was out all am, computer was on and nothing was running (except hopefully the scan), back at 1 pm and when checked scan was now changed to run a little after 1.  Each time I checked time for scan was a few minutes later.  I figured this was not going to happen for whatever reason, and finally did a manual scan while working on the machine, and a few minutes after the manual scan was finished the scheduled scan began at around 5 pm, all while I was working on a few programs on the machine.  So I really do not understand the explanations given for the machine at work hindering the scan beginning.   Anyway, I will wait and see if the problem is corrected.  This has been on the community board for quite some time in different threads (since around 2010?) so I do not know why it has not been taken care of.  I have used McAfee seems like forever and the scan always worked as scheduled until a few months ago.


                    Thanks again.