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    How Do You Properly Configure a Rule for a Workstation Using Aventail Connect Behind a McAfee 410F Firewall?


      Hello All,


      I am using McAfee Firewall Enterprise (Sidewinder) Admin Console Version 4.10.  I would like to setup a Firewall rule that would allow workstations behind the McAfee 410F to connect to a remote network. I do not have any access or authorization on the remote network other than through the use of a VPN Client. I am nothing more than an end user and will not be able to make changes on the remote end. The workstations behind the McAfee 410F are using Aventail Connect v5.20 to connect to the remote network.


      If I am correct the problem is that I am not properly configuring the rule to use SSL VPN. I had a rule in place befoer that worke but it was accidentally deleted. If someone can point me to a KB or provide me with the steps to properly configure the rule, it would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you all in advance for your directly related responses.