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    Virus that redirects searches to sites such as Happili

      Just recently bought McAfee Total Protection 2012 just to be on the safe side. Earlier today I noted that when I tried to search anything on google all the links I cliked on got redirected to a site called Happili with sometimes going to other shady sites. I tried the obvious and deleted my cookies and did a full scan with m McAfee product but nothing was resolved. Tried searching for help and all that I found is that people think its a virus but I am unable to dwell any further than the titles of links since everytime I click one I get sent to happili.com. Tried searching how to contact Mcafee for help but didnt realize  I had to Pay $90 for a person to help me, figured buying their product would come with some assistance. Any help would be appreciated, my brother and I both depend on my laptop for homework and research .

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