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    Real time scanning is off!

      Alert message  "your computer is at risk"  is on every time I log into my computer  "Real time scanning is off" . Well I haven't switched it off. I switch it on of course (again) and a couple of seconds later it says the same thing. I had this same problem before in January 2012. McAfee couldn't deal with it right away so I had to wait for a couple of days for them to call me to get it sorted out. (they couldn't ex[plain it). Iam on my lap-top now as I'm afraid to go on-line with the desk top now! Can anyone help me please?

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          Technical Support is the best way to go with this. Go to Useful Links at the top of this page and post the details of the McAfee Virtual Technician scan under Technical Support. MVT will scan your computer for McAfee related issues and generate a session number. Please post that and then proceed to contact them. They have more tools at their disposal than we have here in the forums

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            Thank you k3tg, I finally found the reply icon It looks as if I'll have to wait for Mcafee to be able to assist tomorrow, luckily I can use my lap-top at the moment.

            I am seriously considering removing McAfee totally and trying something more reliable!

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