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    Sometimes we don't see the downloaded sigset in NSM Filters.



      We have experienced this intermittently where we don't see downloaded sigset whilecreating the fitlers under Configure >>IPS Settings >> Policies>> Spirit Inline Default IPS >> View/Edit>> AttackDefinitions >> Attacks >> Filter Management>> New Filter.


      There is no issue while creating filter under Configure >>IPS Settings >> Advanced Policies >> Default IPS settings ...... We can see that sigset in the Global attack list.


      We generally create filter after downloading new sigset to find out new filtersin downloaded sigset. We had this issue with sigset. We are runningNSM version


      We re-downloaded the same sigset but issue still persists. Did not understand thisweird behavior. However if download next signature set we cannot reproduce theissue. I guess it only with some sigsets. However McAfee TAC was not able toreproduce this issue. Did anyone experience this?