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    8.7i crashing Windows Server 2008 Machines

      I've recently started to upgrade a few of my server 2008 machines from 8.5i patch 5 to 8.7i. I've been pushing my installs from my ePO server, and they go just fine. However every few days my servers are now crashing. I've taken a look at the dump files and they keep saying something about the mfehidk file being the culprit. However I've sent multiple dump files from different servers that have crashed to McAfee, and they've yet to respond and provide me with a reason and a solution for my issue. Just to test, I've even remove all McAfee related software off of a few servers, and then performed a clean fresh install of 8.7i. It's still crashing my servers. My servers are all HP Proliant ML350 G5's with the NC373i NICs. I made sure all drivers/firmware were up-to-date; still didn't make a difference.

      Anyone else having these same issues?

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