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    How to uninstall McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0?

      I realize that this may not be the right forum for this question but the business forums are not very active.


      I have inherited a network which has not been maintained for years. They have McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0 installed, including ProtectionPilot on at least one server. This is old, unsupported software from approx 2006. I called McAfee and basically they said they won't have anything to do with it; frankly I think that is terrible but there it is.


      mcshield.exe has been intermittently going nuts and essentially locking up the primary software that they use to run the business. Most of the time it does not do this, but when it does it creates bedlam. It's the On-Access Scanner that is making trouble. If I turn it off on the server that it interferes with, I find it re-enabled after a while.


      I would like to remove this anti virus software from all pcs and then replace it with something. The workstations have some other anti virus softwareon them and the servers, which I am primarily concerned with, are not used to browse the internet.


      I uninstalled mcafee from one server (not the one with protectionpilot) and then found that it had been reinstalled automatically the next day, or at least that is what seems to have happened. I suppose that is protectionpilot in action? I have been in the protectionpilot managment software and there is surprisingly little info available there. For example I don't see any way to manage what gets to deployed to what pcs.


      Can anyone tell me how to uninstall this software? If I do it from the server that hosts protectionpilot, will it be removed from all of the other pcs? I am a bit concerned that if the uninstall goes badly, one or more of the servers might not come back up.


      Any input appreciated greatly. It would be great if someone from McAfee would help with this.

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          Peter M

          Moved from Consumer to VirusScan Enterprise due to the software being completely different - no-one could help you in Consumer, sorry.


          Apart from the regular removal method there is this:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2371


          Note that VSE 8.0 reached end of life 2 years ago.


          Further help will no doubt be forthcoming when someone spots this thread.




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            Thanks ex_brit. One thing I am not sure about is the ProtectionPilot aspect. Is it automatically reinstalling on the other systems as I think it is? If I uninstall McAfee on the server with ProtectionPilot, will I then be able to uninstall on the other pcs? Or does it automatically uninstall from the other pcs once PP has been removed?

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              Peter M

              I have no idea, sorry, but as this thread is active it shouldn't be long before someone on the VSE side spots it.

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                You are correct, it is a combination of ProtectionPilot and the Agent that is reinstalling VirusScan.  You need to uninstall both VirusScan and the Agent from each system.  You can do this for all the systems from within ProtectionPilot, then uninstall ProtectionPilot itself.  Or, you can uninstall ProtectionPilot, then uninstall VirusScan and the Agent from each system manually (including the one that had ProtectionPilot).  It's been a long time since I used ProtectionPilot, and I don't have any of the docs anymore, so unfortunately I can't give you a step-by-step on how to do this.  Also, I don't remember if the Agent from that long ago is called ePO Agent (ePolicy Orchestrator Agent) or McAfee Agent or somthing else, but it should have the word Agent in it.

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                  It is possible to disable the software (re)installation within PP to start with.


                  Mainly I am wondering if you want to remove McAfee completely and isntall another product from another vendor, or if you want to upgrade to a later version and start using ePO (as Protection Pilot was the little brother of ePO which is a discontinued product).


                  When you want to migrate to ePO, you have to setup a new ePO server first, which will replace the PP server.

                  Configure it with McAfee VSE 8.8 policies.

                  Then remove VSE 8.0 from your machine and push the ePO agent.

                  The machine will then be managed by ePO and will start distributing VSE 8.8.


                  I suggest reading the product guide for ePO and VSE8.8 to get knowledge how the products work.

                  If you have any questions, just post them here....

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                    Thanks for that input jquenrdc. The protection pilot app is only installed on one of the two servers, for some reason. I can log in to it, but can't find any way to view or configure whatever it does inside of it. It frankly seems broken, ie it opens but is more or less defunct.


                    I will start with the machine that has pp on it and remove that app via add/remove programs and then the rest of the mcafee stuff. I hope that does it.


                    I am not so clear on McAfee Agent, which you mention. Would that appear as a regular program in windows that can be uninstalled separately from the other mcafee programs?

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                      Hi Arjen and thanks for your input. At this time the only objective is to remove mcafee enterprise.


                      In the pp instance I have, there does not seem to be much of anything that one can do with it. It may be completely broken. There are just runtime errors when I try to use it.

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                        The uninstall went well. I removed pp, and then the two installs of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0. So far they have not reinstalled themselves (12 hours later). Thanks for everyone's help.

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                          I think the agent shows up in add/remove programs, but I'm not sure if you can uninstall it from there or not.  You may need to look for FramePkg.exe or FrmInst.exe and run either with the /remove=agent parameter.  However, I should have mentioned that in my original suggestion, because those file(s) may have only existed in the ProtectionPilot folders that you already uninstalled.


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