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    Epo is scanning network on port 135




      Another system admin in our company just confirmed that he receives reports on Epo scanning on port 135 every couple of minutes.

      I was wonder what would that be? The strangest thing is that this "scanning process" scans subnets which do not exist in our environment, for example: 192.168.sth.5


      If I take a look on Epolicy-console I see that we have set up only default ports:

      Agent-to-server communication port: 80
      Agent-to-server communication secure port: Enabled on port 443
      Agent wake-up communication port: 8081
      Agent broadcast communication port: 8082
      Console-to-application server communication port: 8443
      Client-to-server authenticated communication port: 8444

      We are using:

      4.6.0 epo

      Mcafee agent:



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