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    DeviceID: serialnumber doesn't support DAR


      I've seen this a couple times, iOS device won't get email, won't show up in the console but both profiles are loaded and the account is configured on the device.  The event log error is this device doesn't support DAR.  Anyone found any way around this without wiping the device and restoring it?

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          Have the latest device list installed?

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            We are also seeing this problem. Unfortunately we are in evaluation phase, so we only tried accessing mail with iPad 6.1.2 ... message in Event Viewer of front end EMM component is EASProxy.HandleSyncRequest : DeviceID = AppIDourIPADSERIALNUMBER doesn't support DAR. On our EMM backend we have device catalog version installed.


            Any ideas?


            Thanks, MSM

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              I removed encryption requirement for device, but now I get EASProxy.HandeSyncRequest : Device configured to require Client Certificates does not contain a valid certificate, device Id is ourIPADSERIALNUMBER... in EMM back end Event Viewer I get EMM.Hub.ActiveSyncGateway CheckIn: Unsuccessful checkin for deviceid ourIPADSERIALNUMBER and EMM.Hub.ActiveSyncGateway GetCertificateCompliance : Failed GenerationDate Match. Generation date is 6.3.2013 14:19:03 and DB Generation date is 6.3.2013 15:16:03.


              Everything started working after few minutes. Now the only requirement I don't have satisfied is that device is encrypted. Any ideas on that one?



              Thanks, MSM


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                All iPads should support DAR so provisioning the device by disabling the encryption requirement in the policy would be a workaround to get the user working, but not an ideal solution.


                This can either be the case of a new iPad that may be slighltly different than what we have in our device catalog (usually the case when Apple starts manufacturing devices out of a new facility or if there is a minor hardware change that includes a change to the user agent string) or it may just be a unique device that is faulty from the factory and may need to be restored trhough iTunes. If you are only seeing this on one device I would suggest you restore the iPad through iTunes and if that does not correct the DAR status to show that it does support DAR, then I would open a Service Requst with support in order to get the device properly tested.





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                  We temporarily stopped evaluation process, so I have no further input. When/if we continue with evaluation process we will try to address this issue.


                  Thanks to all of you.