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    MSME 7.6 - delegating access


      Hi all,


      Is it possible to delegate access to MSME to help/service desk technicians?  I'm looking for a way for them to access the detected items database and release items as necessary.


      It looks like the MSME web interface would be an ideal way to go about this but I can't see any documentation on how to setup access.  Accessing via the desktop link to http://localhost/MSME/index.html works fine on the server.  Accessing the website from another computer using a URL of http://servername/MSME/index.html produces a page saying "The McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange is not currently available. Please try again later.".


      Is there a way to configure remote access to the MSME website to delegate access to administer MSME?


      Environment : Windows 2008 R8, Exchange 2010 SP1, MSME 7.6 - all products full patched.