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    EPO Sorting


      Okay, quick question on sorting and the issue we are having.  I noticed when a new system gets added the sorting is enabled.  Now this is not a big issue because we don't do any sorting, we do it off of AD sync and tags.  Now here is where the issue comes in, we have servers that get put into the correct system group due to AD sync but then once the server communicates, it gets dumped into Lost and Found.  I have numerous servers that all are sitting exactly where AD says they are but for some reason I have to move about 10 from Lost and Found.  Once is disable sorting, they stay put.  So my issue is, I need to find out why they do this so I can make sure it doesn't happen to new systems as they get added.  Any ideas or things I can check?  (I have other servers with the exact same tags and they do stay put).