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    Motion C5v Tablets and Safeboot 5.1

      Having issues installing McAfee Safeboot on Motion C5v tablets. I have not been involved in the setup of these machines before and the person responsible no longer works here. There seems to be other tablets with Safeboot installed and working, so we know it worked.


      I install SBTablet_12_03_2009 this runs, I then reboot the tablet, log back on, see that the software begins syncing the user database. Once this is complete and the decive is encrytped, I reboot once again. But when booting, I get the following:


      Starting SafeBoot v5.1

      please wait.........


      Safeboot hard disk error (error 01h)


      Can anyone help? If you need any more info I can try and find out for you. Apologies if this isn't the correct place for this, but i've hit a brick wall with this one.

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          Not sure what SBTablet.. is - that must be something your company created?


          the error 01h though is being thrown by the BIOS itself (see your EEPC Admin guide) - its not something you can solve. Maybe there's an updated version of the BIOS?


          Are you getting this on all C5v devices, or only some?

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            SB_Tablet is an exe and hasn't been created by my company (as far as i'm aware) I assumed there was a seperate install for Tablets compared to the one used for Laptops - Safeboot51silentOnline.exe - which works fine. Is there a seperate install for Tablets?


            There is an update for the bios, I updated it from version A04 to A07 (latest) applied Safeboot to get the same error.


            What am I looking for in the Admin Guide (that's if we have one)

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              No, that's for sure an exe your company created - it might just be a SafeBoot install package created from your management enronment though.


              You create the installer yourselves from the options selected in the management system.


              I'm not sure what to tell you - you're using a really old version of the product, but I don't know anyone else using the C5v tablets so I have no idea if the BIOS bug you're experiencing is mitigated in the later products - it may well be.

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                will look into the creation of the exe's, didn't know they were ours....


                on the phone to McAfee support too, they say this error is HDD related and we should set HDD to AHCI (which it is) and works fine before safeboot is installed/encrypted.


                I was then told that Motion C5v' are not supported.....still waiting....


                is it possible that the tool used to create the install is provided with the AHCI driver for the device you will be deploying too? Perhaps the install im using is for an older version or am I clutching at straws?

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                  There are no hard disk drivers in the package - that's part of your OS.


                  I would start by trying the current version of the product. You are a few years out of date at least.

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                    I was advised to try and install the latest version - 5.2.12, i connected to ou server  and found that EEM - 5.2.6 is installed. I've downloaded EEPC 5.2.6 and tried to install the client but it comes back with "McAfee Endpoint Encrytption Manager is not currently installed, MEEM must be installed before installing this package"

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                      You need to install EEM before you can install the EEPC plugin for EEM - is EEM really installed on your PC, or did you use something like MiniAdmin to do a "fake" install?


                      You need a genuine from-the-media install to be able to upgrade anything.

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                        doing some more investigation on the server, I came across the machines tab at the bottom of the EEM console. within this I found entries for the tablets called "Tablets - New Client Version"


                        I found the tablet I am trying to install safeboot on and right clicked, selected "Create Installation Set" gave it a path and then went ahead and installed this on the tablet.


                        It installed as before, downloaded user database, rebooted again, but this time instead of the Error 01h, I got :


                        Error: 0xe0050004

                        Incorrect Version 


                        found that there was another version for the tablet, used that. tablet encrypted fine. I noticed that this created a new entry on the server, I moved the new entry from the default group to the group where the other (working) tablets were and hey presto....... it worked!


                        Thanks for your help.