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    e00200009 "unable to get disk partition" when attempting to decrypt

      We are in the beginning stages of migrating from WinXP to Win7 using Microsoft s "Zero-Touch Installation" (ZTI) method. Part of the process involves decrypting the disk so that the user s data can remain in-place when Windows 7 is installed (Once Windows 7 is installed, EEPC 6.1.3 is applied). In order to do the decryption, we are using a script which does the following:

      1. Determine the machine s Safeboot object name

      2. Move the machine object into a Safeboot group whose policy dictates no encryption

      3. Have the machine inherit the policy settings from its new group.

      4. Force synchronization with the Safeboot server.

      5. Monitor the machine s crypt state until it is "None". This process has been working fine until the past week.

      (script is attached)


      This past week, the majority of the machines never reported back as being decrypted, and so ZTI could not continue. Upon inspecting the Safeboot client log on these machines, we are seeing a common error:


      e00200009 "unable to get disk partition"


      I've run into this error before, but only when I had a USB storage device connected to the machine.  This is definitely not the case with our user base.  We were able to add a reboot into the ZTI process when this is encountered, and that generally resolves the issue, however, we are really interested to find out why we are encountering this at all!  We had done a lot of testing uisng freshly built test machines, but the error is occuring more often than not on users' machines, especially if they have a lot of locally-stored data.


      Thanks so much in advance!