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    McAfee Security Center 8.5 Uninstall Script automation with runrobot=120

      I am trying to use the Competitive Uninstall scripts to remove McAfee Security Center 8.5 patch 1 from Windows XP. I modified an existing script for the correct registry key and added the parameter runrobot=120 to the script to automate the uninstall, but it is not automatically uninstalling unattended:

      RunProgram=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\MSC, UninstallString
      I have seen this parameter used in other script files and it works. Is there a different parameter that should be used with this version of McAfee? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

      Moved to Desktop & Server as I think this is regarding VSE 8.5i - MOD