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      Hi I wonder if anyone can help me I installed a new copy of Mcafee Internet Secuirty a couple of days ago and my schedule scan wouldnt work also everytime it updated I had to reboot my pc. Technical Support did a remote and found that it was the Site Advisor that was causing the problems so they uninstalled it and then Mcafee worked perfectly. But I was a bit concerend that I didnt have SiteAdvisor installed on pc. So I thought I would have a go and install and see if my pc hit the same problem, which it did once again it wouldnt do a schedule scan and everytime it updated I had to reboot. Really all I am asking has anyone else had the SAME PROBLEM and is it ok not to have the Siteadvisor installed. Before buying the internet security I had Mcafee Antivirus Plus for a year and never had any problems with the site advisor. Is it essential for me to have it installed because if it is then i will have to ask for a refund and get another antivirus


      Thanks in advance for your replies