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    Locking down process/services - but desktop support friendly?

      I'm trying to find a way to prevent Bob the user (who has local admin rights to his workstation) from being able to stop/kill any core McAfee services, but still allow a desktop support person to come along and stop McAfee if the need arises. Is this possible?

      We're a ePO 4 shop and I was hoping there would be a creative way to disallow the stoppage of processes and services from the policy, but maybe password protect the GUI and allow anyone that had the proper password to be able to go in and disable OAS if needed. Right now, I'm not able to find a workable solution and I'm hoping I've just missed something.

      This won't be a needed feature very often, but there are times when McAfee may be going apesh*t and needs to be killed off, or if they're installing something like Oracle, Exchange, etc. and those installs can take hours if they're being pounded by the OAS.

      Someone please tell me there's a magic bullet here.