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    re scedule scan

      I had Mcafee antivirus plus for a year and then today paid for Mcafee Internet Security I have had nothing but problems with it saying please reboot after each update. I got on to techy and they put me on tier 2 and they solved that issue it was something to do with the site advisor they uninstalled it and then reinstalled and that is now working fine. But know I cant do a schedule scan I can put the time in and click apply but it just wont run at the time I have waited and not touched the pc for an hour after the scan was schedule and nothing was running on the pc at the time. Can anyone shed any ideas on this as I am just about to uninstall and ask for my money back. Its driving me mad. Thanks in advance for any ideas. It worries me because everything says its secure and that everything is working fine but the schedule scan will just not kick in.