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    On Demand Scans


      I have been told by Mcafee Engineers themselves that in VSE8.7.0i, the user ( client ) has the option to stop on demand scans at their own will power. SO basically, under client tasks, u set up on demand scans, and when it runs, users can go into virusscan console and select stop.

      Now i find this very disturbing that Mcafee would introduce something like this. It basically defeats the object of scanning for viruses if the user has power to stop them.

      Can someone prove me wrong that this version does not allow that. In Previous versions, it will fine.

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          while i haven't deployed 8.7 myself using EPO, i can't imagine this wouldn't be manageable under EPO or via MID.

          i know in 8.7 you can change the settings so that the user has the option of delaying a scan (possibly stopping - i don't recall). you can set how long the delay is, and how many times the user can delay the scan before it will start automatically.

          on the surface this feature seems very good to me, so avoid having scans kick off during presentations or the like.

          now if they can just get their scan to run when idle, and stop when the user returns, that would be great. right now it can only start when idle, and doesn't give a damn if the user returns halfway into the scan.
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            Yeah, i have tested this quite thoroughly and setup a deferred scan, which works. it actually defers the scan and returns to scan after a hour or so ( whatever time you put it ), but the user still has the option to stop the entire scan process.

            Even Mcafee themselves remoted my machine and saw it, and they just mentioned, it is the way it was designed to allow users to stop the scan whatever time they feel.

            I hope someone can test this and see if i am missing something here.
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              defer scan works
              access protection settings are used to prevent users from stopping and/or disabling features/scans/services.

              It works the same as it did with VSE 8.5i.

              There is nothing new/wrong here.
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                Can the Scan run in the background invisable to the end user?
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                  See reply in other thread you posted the SAME question wink