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    mwgw 7.x cluster



      i have a question about mwgw 7.x which are in a HA mode.





      ClusterAddress =

      wgw1 = 

      wgw2 =



      Is it possible to setup the GUI access for these appliances which only must be reachable via the cluster address ?


      Thank you very much,





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          I do have a "cluster" in which I share policy across multiple devices, but we don't use a VIP. (I do the poor man's load balancing by way of proxy PAC logic.).


          When I connect to the "wrong" box I get a message "Another tomcat is already attached to this cluster. Please log on to that one. " and a link to it, where I suppose cluster master will answer.  I'm on


          I'm not sure that answers any question you asked, but I figured there may be some value in describing behavior in another working setup.

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            Hi Regis,


            Thank you for your reply.


            wgw2 is attached to wgw1.


            Actualy this where i am looking for, maybe i was a bitt to short in question.

            I open de wgw UserInterface through wgw1 url, for example: https://wgw1host:4712/Konfigurator/request, this represents me the cluster for boths appliances wgw1 and wgw2. 


            when i go Configuration/Appliances is see the tree:


            - Appliances (Cluster)
            - wgw1

            - wgw2


            my question is is it possible to setup the Cluster IP-address to open de UI instead of wgw1 url ?