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    VSE Reports (threat detection)


      I'm getting weird information in the "VSE : Threats detected in the last 24h" report (on my ePO 4 server).
      For one system I get lines indicating a detection but the event ID is 0 (null) :eek: example below

      File Path: dcimages/4lcdb0.gif
      Event Category: Malware
      Event ID: 0
      Threat Severity: Notice
      Threat Name: _
      Threat Type: virus
      Action Taken: None
      Threat Handled: true
      Analyzer Detection Method: EmailScn(Notes)

      Note that even though it didn't do anything VSE considers the threat as handled.

      It seems obvious that a user has somehow connected a camera or memory card from a camera to a PC and VSE scanned the external disk containing images. (Though the "EmailScn" would seem to indicate it was in an eMail ?) :confused:

      Now I'm wondering, is this a (series of) false positive or what ? :confused:

      This is from VSE 8.5-P8, DAT 5600, engine 5301.4018

      Thanks for any hint or idea