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    Problem deploying agents by name but not by IP

      Hi, I have a problem and it started month a go, I have epo 4.6.1 and I'm trying to deploy from the epo(system tree->new systems) by name it fails- when I go to the server task log i see that the status is failed.

      when I do the same thing by IP it's successfully deployed. I have the requirements and I tried \\hostname\admin$ with the same user that I deploy and I have all the access that is needed for deployment.


      I will put the server.log here.

      in the server Log i notices that when i deploy by name i get this error :

      20120329155955          I          #05256          NAIMSRV           Copy C:\Windows\TEMP\mfe279066093.tmp\FramePkg.exe to \\HOSTNAME\ADMIN$\FramePkg.exe Successfully

      20120329155955          E          #05256          NAIMSRV           Failed to open HOSTNAME service control manager, system error 5

      20120329155955          E          #05256          NAIMSRV           Failed to get remote agent install service status. Service control manager status=-1, Err=2

      20120329155955          E          #05256          NAIMSRV           Push Agent Installation Program to HOST failed, will not retry

      20120329155955          I          #05256          MCUPLOAD          Successfully disabled CA trust options.

      Can it be related somehow??


      thank you!

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