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    About purchasing All Access 2012 for 5 devices

      Am trying to purchase this product for the 15+ devices as stated.

      I assume it means I can use it on 5 laptops, 5 desktops and 5 tablets or does it only mean 1 of each.


      http://www.mcafeestore.com/store/mfe/Content/pbPage.psmfe_uk_all_access?resid=Tx ulgQoHAtYAADaOMnMAAAAy&rests=1334506933815


      Also I am not able to find th elink to purchase it at the lower advertised price then the download link price - why is this?



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          Peter M

          I'm afraid we don't know too much abouyt the licensing side of things here.  Best to contact Customer Service directly, they are open Monday to Friday at the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.

          Contact them via online chat or telephone, it's free.


          To speak with a Customer Service representative, call us at 020 79490107.


          Estimated wait time: 10-30 minutes

          Hours of Operation: 09.00-18.00 local, Monday through Friday

          You can protect 15+ devices whatever that means, I would imagine anything in the list and I don't think a limit applies to any particular part, it could be 15 pcs or 1 pc and 14 tablets or phones or whatever.