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    False Detection Artemis!65A5B4FBCAC1

      Hello All,

           I'm having some issues with a file. I'm using AT&T Internet security suite powered by McAfee and It seems every time I go to install this program McAfee catches this file and gets rid of it saying that it is a Trojan. I've used this program before and know that it's 100% safe. It's even talked about it here https://community.mcafee.com/message/215360#215360 . My question is, is there anyway around this? Maybe not having McAfee scan this one folder, or even telling mcafee that this file is safe?


      I've called AT&T and they could not help and then contacted McAfee for me. I spoke to a guy there which then used remote access to try and fix the problem and what he did was check mark the box that says "Do not show this alert again" and told me it was fixed. I called him out on it and he kept telling me it was my Firewall from McAfee. I told him this file has nothing to do with the firewall that it's the virus scanning. He then told me it's not McAfee that's doing it and that I should contact AT&T again and talk to them.


      So here I am now seeing if anybody here could shed some light on this for me or point me in the right direction.


      Here is a photo of the trojan that I am getting




      Thank you!


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