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    McAfee Security On Access Scan makes Software Update Check SLOW on Mac.

      I have McAfee Security 1.1.0 (1309) Andi malware version 9.1.0 (4478 with HotFix version HF688476, HF727444, Engin version 5400.1158

      Running on Mac OS 10.6.8.


      I have noticed that Software Update takes VERY long time to check for new software.


      To detect today's Java update took 35 seconds with On Access Scan disabled, and FIFTEEN MINUTES with On Access Scan enabled.


      Last week, when there were several updates, the 5 minute check with On Access Scan disabled took FORTY FIVE MINITES with On Access Scan enabled.


      I understand that there is some overhead to on access scan, but I'd expect it to be less than 100% longer.  To go 3000% longer is pretty amazing.


      Repeat by:


      Run "Software Update" from the "Apple" menu.


      From the McAfee Security Console, try this action with On Access Scan enabled and disabled.


      Expected behavior:


      "Checking for new software" should not take 10 to 30 times longer with On Access Scan enabled.


      Is there anything I can do to supply information so that McAfee Security can be improved to make "Checking for new software" not take so much longer?

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