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    Authenticated Parameters Incorrect

      Dear Colleague


      Dear Colleague,

      We installed a new server (Endpoint Encription 5.2.6) and we created all the users and environment according with the guidelines.

      Then we used the instalation kit into each machine and the we try to login with a right user.

      In the first login the user entered into the machine without problems, but after shutdown, we try again to login with the same user / password and the message appears:

      "0xe0010002 - Authentication parameters incorrect"

      We were reviewing the foros and web, but we don't identify a correct solution, that we could apply in this case.

      Please your recommendations will be welcome.


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          simply, you're typing the wrong password or wrong user name.


          Just do a reset password recovery (as long as you've not exhausted the number of attempts).


          Remember that password changes made on one machine are reflected to all other machines, so if you change your password anywhere, it will work its way out everywhere.

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            In this case, we are sure 100%  than the password / user are correct.


            We used the recovery process, and the user login in the machine, but after logoff from the machine, we try again with the correct user / password and again the messages reflect: "0xe0010002 - Authentication parameters incorrect".


            We tried this process in more than four times in differents machines and users, and the behiavoir is the same, we changed the password with simply strings like "1234567890" but after logoff and then Login again, the result was the same.


            Could be something related with the installation package ??


            Thanks again for your response.

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              did you check the client log to see if the database is sending a new password for the user down to the machine?


              Do you have SSO enabled? (in which case the EEPC password will be getting changed to the Windows login password)


              Did you try typing the password into the user name box to check you have the correct keyboard layout installed?


              This error is very specific, and means you're not typing acceptible credentials - it's usually something obvious though.


              What do you mean by "logoff and login again" - there's no way to "logoff" to eepc? You have to restart the machine?